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As the name implies Cigaronne Excusive is the highest quality product available in modern market made from especially developed exclusive materials. The American blend used in Cigaronne Exclusive consists of 12 types of selected fine quality tobaccos from the major growing areas in the world. Leading European companies in the tobacco industry have been instrumental in developing and supplying specially produced equipment and necessary materials for the production of Cigaronne.
Cigarette paper of top quality and original design is used in tobacco product for the first time. White coated tipping paper with special additives keeps it from getting wet and furthers its quick extinguishment, which makes smoking more aesthetic and pleasant. The logo is printed on a holographic band by a unique method of hot stamping "foil on foil" technology, which is applied for the first time in the world.
A specially designed foil laminated inner liner printed and lacquered on both sides protects the quality of Cigaronne for an extended period. The pack with a unique design is distinguished with its long hinge lid allowing one to extract a Cigaronne from the center of the filter-holder, which meets the modern hygienic requirements.
The eye-catching holographic tear tape produces a visually pleasant optical effect on the pack and secures a high protection against counterfeiting and imitation.
The combination of these exclusive materials in a single product gives the consumers of Cigaronne Exclusive the sense of being special.
Cigaronne Mini Exclusive has been launched in year 2005. This is the higher quality Mini product from SPS. It has all the features of the Exclusive but with a shorter filter. The cigarette is 92 mm long consisting of 61 exclusive quality smoking part and 31 mm of unique Cigaronne Mini filter.