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The SPS Cigaronne Co. Ltd. is a cigarette manufacturing company, which has started its production comparatively recently, launching a new smoking item in the tobacco industry. The novelty is called Cigaronne. It is a cigarette of the best quality components and unique hard filter holder. Currently our assortment includes 8 different types about which you will find detailed information below.
Cigaronne Exclusive & Cigaronne Exclusive Lights - Cigaronne Exclusive is 120 mm long consisting of 64 mm hard filter holder and 56 mm of smoking part. As the name implies Cigaronne Excusive is the highest quality product available in modern market made from especially developed exclusive materials. The American blend used in Cigaronne Exclusive consists of 12 types of selected fine quality tobaccos from the major growing areas in the world. Leading European companies in the tobacco industry have been instrumental in developing and supplying specially produced equipment and necessary materials for the production of Cigaronne.
Cigaronne Classic & Cigaronne Classic Lights - Having seen the wide success of Cigaronne Exclusive SPS Cigaronne went on to create Cigaronne Classic and Cigaronne Classic Lights. These cigarettes are also 120 mm long consisting of 64 mm long hard filter holder and 56 mm tobacco part.
The tobacco used in this brand is also of the same quality, but with different taste. However in comparison to Cigaronne Exclusive, the usage of the luxury components such as expensive printing, packaging, paper, etc. is excluded, though the higher than average quality is still preserved. Due to the cutting of costs by removing the extra luxury components, which are relevant to only a handful of smokers, Cigaronne Classic is more accessible to the consumers.
Cigaronne Mini & Cigaronne Mini Lights - Cigaronne Mini is the novelty product from SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd. Designed traditionally and made with modern technologies this amazing product is the real continuation of Cigaronne family with unique filter. 92 mm long Cigaronne Mini consists of 31 mm of unique filter and 61 mm of highest quality smoking part.
The hard filter of Cigaronne Mini is made on the base of long filter holder using modern technologies and additional efficient mechanisms. It possesses nearly the same filtration features and advantages as traditional Cigaronne filter. Like the traditional filter Cigaronne Minis filter is hard and the only one of its kind in the world.
New original brands are currently in the course of development, which will be produced in the nearest future. Our company will be glad to establish a long-term bilateral cooperation with you. It is expected that Cigaronne will be successfully introduced in your market. We provide good terms, including territorial rights for our distributors. Our products are available in over thirty five countries at the moment, and soon this number is expected to increase to more than ninety. Be assured that in the name of our company you will have a reliable business partner and, we would expect your kind collaboration on this regard.
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