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LW39-126 Outdoors AC HV SF6 Live tank Circuit Breaker
1. General
Type LW39-126 is a new product in high performance. According to the national standards, the designation of it results from absorbing and digesting the advanced technology of SF6 circuit breaker from abroad.
Type LW39-126 can be used in the power system with frequency 50HZ, nominal voltage system 110KV to protect and control the apparatuses in the power plant and substation. It can be fitted with CT type spring-operated mechanism and three-phase mechanical interlocking operation. It is filled with SF6 gas in high performance of arc extinguishing. In order to prevent leakage, double O ring is used for sealing.
2. Features
a, High performance of breaking, which has the capability to cut off the short-circuit and pull out of the outgoing point, and resolve the close-in fault
b, The arc-chutes manufactured by the technology of spinning with high quality of airflow and simple structure
c, Longer electrical service life, the ability of breaking for 20times on full capacity, and long interval for maintaining, free maintenance for 10 years under the normal operation
d, Operation mechanism in low energy which is simple, reliable and neat
e, Low rated pressure, not be liquefied under low temperature
f, Smaller area occupied
g, Low noise, used in residential areas
h, Instant on-site installation