Sell Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

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Automatic chip breaker grinder machine for HSS circular saw blades.

Full automatic and vertical-type chip breaker slot grinding machine, allows for Variable grinding speed from 15-90/min.
Meticulous design after years relentless hard working.
One professional class friction saw blade sharpening m/c.
Patented vertical grinding method, which allows you easy operation circumstance.
Automatic chip breaker slot grinding machine is for grinding HSS-TCT and sawblade.
BR is fully automatic device, grinds alternating chip breaker slots in single pass, quick set-up times and very easy to use, a slots precise mechanical adjustments. High frequency electrospindle with 30000rpm, it can make grinding wheel life longer, automatic shutdown on completion of operation, machine controlled does not use air, with simple operation.
Use frequency converter to control the speed of grinding.
Therefore, grinding speed can be adjusted with the change of teeth pitch.