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3 Port Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator

Item NO : 3 Port Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator
Brand : ZG
Type : Passive Devices > Optical Circulator


3port polarization insensitive optical circulator
Polarization insensitive optical circulator utilizes proprietary designs and metal bonding micro optics packaging. It provides low insertion loss, broad band high isolation, low PDL, excellent temperature stability and optical path epoxy free. It can be used for wavelength add/drop, dispersion compensation and EDFA application

Performance Specification
Parameter P Grade A Grade
Configuration Port 1 to Port2 to Port 3
Operation Wavelength (nm) 1310,1550
Insertion Loss (dB) , Typical 0.6 0.8
Maximum 0.8 1.0
Channel Peak Isolation (dB) 50
Channel Minimum Isolation (dB) 40
Channel Cross Talk (dB) >50
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB) <0.10
Polarization Mode Dispersion (p s) <0.1
Return Loss (dB) >50
Maximum Power Handling (mw) 300
Operating Temperature (0C) 0 ~+70
Storage Temperature (0C) -40 ~+85
Package Dimension (mm) OD5.5 x L60 or L63
Specifications may change without notice

Ordering Information
PIOC 3 Operating Wavelength Grade Fiber type Fiber length Connector type
15=1550 P=P
A=A 1=250um bare fiber
2 =900um loose tube 1 =1meter
X =other 0=None