Sell Citronella Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology:Deep relaxation, remove depression. Relieve headache and migraine.

2, Skin:Regulate oil, tight pores, reduce acne, improve beriberi.


1, Home-use:Mix with water and spray for refresh air.

2, Mosquito:Apply 2 droplets to body lotion in summer.

3, Beriberi:Apply 5-8 droplets into warm water, soak feet.

4, Emotion:Apply 5 droplets into fragrance lamp for refreshment.

 As a face and eyewash or cleanser.
 With children and babies as floral waters are so safe and mild.
 In hot or cold compresses.
 As a skin moisturiser and cleanser.
 As a refreshing body lotion.
 An ideal present for both men and women
 In your bath.
 In food and cooking. Many people use floral waters in their cooking to create exotic and delicious flavours. Please ring for ideas or further information on how to use pure NHR floral waters in your kitchen.
 As a drink for their therapeutic qualities.