Sell Clarimex CEA Ultra

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Clarimex CEA Ultra is a powdered activated carbon, made to exact specifications produced by chemical activation of wood under carefully controlled conditions.

This grade is highly activated and has exceptional adsorptive properties for a wide range of decolorization applications for diverse chemical and food products.

CLARIMEX CEA Ultra is especially effective in adsorbing high molecular weight organic impurities such as proteins and large color bodies.


pH, water extract 2.5 - 4.0 min.

Moisture, % as packed 10 max

Molasses Decolorization 170 min.

Iron, ppm (Zacher Method) 150 max.

Methylene Blue Adsorption, (g / 100 g) 18.0 min.

Extractable Phosphate, % 1.5 max.

% Through 400 mesh 80 min.


Iodine Number, (mg I2 / g) 850

Apparent Density, g / cc 0.25

Ash, % 8