Sell Class G Oilwell Cement

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Country of Origin:
Class G Oilwell Cement Features:
Class G Oilwell Cement is obtained by grinding Portland cement clinker, consisting essentially of hydraulic calcium silicates, usually containing one or more of the forms of calcium sulfate as an interground additives. No additives other than calcium sulfate or water, or both, shall be interground or blended with the clinker during manufacture of Class G Oilwell cement

Class G Oilwell Cement Application:
Class G Oil Well Cement is one of basis oil well cements and is used in drilling oilwell with deepth 2440m.

Class G oil well cement Specifications:
MgO: 6.0%Max;
SO3: 3.0%Max;
Loss On Ignition: 3.0%Max;
C3S: 48%-65%;
C3A: 3.0%Max;
Total Alkali(Na2O) : 0.75%Max;
Insoluble Content: 0.75%Max;
C4AF+2 multiple of C3A: 24% Max;
Water of Mixing(percentage of total cement) : 44%;
Free Liquid: 5.9%Max;
Compressive Strength(8h,38 Centigrade, normal compressive) :2.1MPa Min;
Compressive Strength(8h,60 Centigrade, normal compressive) :10.3MPa Min;
Consistency(15-30minutes) :30Bc Max;
Thickening Time:90 - 120 minutes.
Package: Class G Oilwell Cement is packed In P. P. woven bags of 50 kgs net each liner inside