Sell Clay Flower

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Clay Flower, a recently developed form of art that gives the most realistically and naturally beauty to the finished pieces of flowers. Exotic orchids, which are considered  THE QUEEN OF THE TROPICAL FORREST in particular. Some of the orchid flowers only buds one a year and some species are rare and extremely hard to sight in its natural habitat.
All of the products offered are truly HAND MADE. Every step requires time, meticulousness, from our highly skilled artists. Every piece is truly a fine work of art.

Clay flowers appear as beautifully and exotically as the real flowers Mother Nature has to offer yet, its long lasting property of clay makes it even more special.

Were offering in various species and sizes ranges from actual size to fit luxurious corner of the Home, office or hotel to medium size to decorate your dining, coffee table or mini size to fit even limited space of the desk at the office. They are also great gift for all occasion.
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