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Size: 5 x 5cm

Huishan Clay Figure comes from the culture and custom of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, and is one of the most popular art in China for its succinct design. The typical product is "Da A Fu", a plump smiling little boy holding a fish or a peach which symbolizes fortune, happiness and wealth, it is certainly an suspicious gift to buy for friends or for own house decoration.

The raw material of Huishan Clay Figure is one kind of special dark clay which can only be found in the rice fields near the Huishan Mountain. The Clay figurines from outlining to dyeing, from molding to finishing, the whole process of making clay sculpture is purely manual, after shaped it will be painted in detail by sculptors, and heated to firm in kilns for days. It was the continuous 800C high temperature in the kiln that provides the figurines with a bright and solid colour. In old times the heat was maintained by mountains of burning wood and now replaced by gas kilns.
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Da A Fu
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5 x 5cm
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