Sell Clean Peelable type heat seal liner - All Purpose

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It provide tamper evidence and a hermetic barrier, which is widely applicable to seal plastic (PE, PET, PP, PS, PVC etc. ) and glass, Polys, Metals, Ceramics, Bamboo materials bottles to prevent leakage of contents, including pharmaceutical, foodstuff, beverage, cosmetic, lubricating oil, pesticides, industrial chemicals and covering geriatric needs etc.


The entire liner peels away cleanly without leaving any residue
Preserve freshness
Leak resistance
Authenticate product integrity
Ensure consumer confidence
It shows tamper evidence
Foil seal backing: Aluminium layer
Sealed without cap by sealing machine


Aluminium foil liner backing: pulp, polyester
Logo printed, holographic, embossed in aluminium foil seal liner
The tri-tab can be customized for easy peel off as according to customer's requirement