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In order to control the number of the micro particles in high purity clean room, workers are compulsory to put on the gloves made of rubber or similar materials to work.
These gloves cause hot and sweaty, which highly affect the producing will and working efficiency. The consequence is that productivity is decreased. The solution is such Seamless Gloves, which meet the requirement of high purity clean room. It also overcomes the unpleasant feeling caused by wearing the ordinary rubber gloves and upgrades both or the producing quality and productivity.
The products are sealed without any seam. And it's dust free, which is much better than the rubber gloves.
The breathable PU membrane with absorptive filament fabric offers the special wearing comfort. It's very easy to wear due the high elasticity & extractable level.
Soft/comfortable/good flexibility/dust free/fingerprint free/suitable for precision assemble, easy for washing, cleaning and dry quickly/Anit-mildew, Anti-bacilli/suitable for long time wearing/de-composed naturally /no environmental concerns and poison free. It is Plasticizer free, no migration effect, and with outstanding bio-compatibility, poisons free, non-hypersensitive/non-allergenic.
The material of gloves is simple molecule structure (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen) and will cause any pollution after burning.
Application and Usage
The product is suitable for the class 10-100 up clean room such as semiconductor foundry. TFT/LCD factory, LCM assembly, Electronics industry, Photonics industry, Optics, and precision industry component assembly, and testing mill, etc.
Material: 100% polyester + PU coating
Cleaning: The gloves can be cleaned under class 10-100 after special cleaning treatment
Thickness: 0.25m/m
Size: QS, XS, S, M, L, LL
Uncleaned glove 10 pair/zip bag/50 bag/ carton/ 500 pair
Cleaned glove 10 pair/vacuum bag/5 vacuum bag/PE bag/10 PE bag carton / 500 pair
Net Weight 8.5 KG
Gross Weight 9 KG
Dimension 52.4cm x 36.4cm x 27.3cm
Terms of Sale
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