Sell Cleaning vehicle with washing guardrail

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[The introduction]
ROAD cleaning vehicle with washing guardrail is the guardrail cleaning equipment with high efficiency and protecting environment safety made for highway maintenance. Independent diesel engine system not only makes the working speed of cleaning device have no impacting, stable capacity, and operating simply but also save the cost.
[product characteristic]
using double interacting working design, the machine has high efficiency and quick working speed. the cleaning speed is 3-5 km;
special designing device make the cleaning brush and guardrail plate have certain distance, ensuring cleaning quantity, efficiency and safety.
Adopt high pressing water flowing design, having high efficiency and saving water. It can cleaning guardrail 5-8km/t;
Special brushes design can cleaning without leaving dust, and not carve lacquer surface. Cleaning for long time, can form smooth protecting velum to lengthen the guardrail using life.
It can be installed with the truck chassis, increasing the price choice for customer and using conveniently. Low price, using safely, saving oil, stability.
[The technical parameter]
The length of the cantilever: 2500mm
The working speed of the cleaning machine: 3-5km/h
Water pump flux: <=42L/min
The diameter of the cleaning wheel fordeploying:1000mm
Working pressure: <=4Mpa