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C A S Number: 60207-90-1
Chemical name: (E) -(+) -2-[1-[[(3-Chloro-2-Propenyl) oxy]imino]propyl-5-[2- (ethylthio) propyl]-3-hydroxy-2-cyclohexen-1-one
Formula: C17H26ClNO3S
Molecular weight: 359.92
Appearance: light yellow thicky liquid
Specification: 92% TECH 24% EC
Clethodim is a selective post-emergence cyclohexenone herbicide used to control annual and perennial grasses in a wide variety of broad leaf crops including soybeans, cotton, flax, peanuts, sunflowers, sugarbeets, potatoes, alfalfa and most vegetables. It is available in both the technical form and an emulsifiable concentrate. Unless otherwise stated, data presented herein refer to the technical product.
Clethodim has shown antagonism when used with Basagran (bentazon) or Blazer (acifluorfen-sodium) , and should be used with a non-phytotoxic crop oil concentrate. Clethodim is very well-tolerated by broad-leaved crops, showing little if any phytotoxic effect. Formulations of clethodim may include trimethylbenzene, xylenes, cumene and emulsifier as inert ingredients.