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Specific Antiscolic
( Closantel Sodium )

Closantel is a kind of willow amine compound synthetising medication. At present, it is a kind of new antiscolic medicine in the world. This medicine has special effect for livestocks inside and outside parasite.
Main Composition: Closantel
Structural formula:

Properties: Alike white powder
Action usage: It can restrain insect body phosphation of mitochondria procedure, head off insect body adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and that is energy procreative. Metabolize energy of worm is effected so that its action is weaken rapidly till dead. Baichongqing can absolutely kill the parasites in and out of body for pig's sarcoptes scabiei, blood louse, roundworm, strongyloides, kidney insect, whipworn; oxen bloody spear nematode berghei, face upward nematode, radiation esophagus nematode, massive fluke, fasciola hepatica, capillaria and melophagus grub; sheeps nasal grub, melophagus, sarcoptes scabiei, itch, nematode, Fasciola hepatica; horse stomach fly; dog demodectica, and so on. Keeping the pigs farm not infected by parasite. Please use of yearly drive insect procedure: that is all the pigs are used once at the same time and then used once every 3 months.
Withdrawal time: Non toxin side-effect and withdrawal time is not needed.
Specifications: Raw-material, injection 100ml:5g, tablet 0.25g, Premix 5%, suspension 100ml:5g
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