Sell Close control air conditioner

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HFD series close control air conditioner

Structure feature

Unique of frameless, panel structure. Panel plates are using modular design, and are fastened by special fasteners. The out looking is more neat and nice.

High safety during operation

Completed independent ventilation system from compressor and electrical system. Units operation is constant and reliable. It is not necessary to stop the unit during maintenance.

High quality components

Imported full hermetic scroll compressor. Low noise, high E. E. R.

Advanced level out door unit has capability of running in low ambient temperature condition.

Evaporator is using large exposing area slope design, and multi-circle supplies.

Dehumidifying mode in operation is solved.

Electrode humidifier. Quick response, pure steam, adjustable capacity, and no need for regular maintenance.

Ease of service access

All service work can be done by opening the front door of the unit.