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Fiber strap:made by alumino-silicate fiber yarn. Strength can be increased by adding glass fiber and refractory alloy silk etc. accord-ing to temperature and condition used.
Fiber Sennit:It includes core rope and outer wrap. The core rope contains alumino-silicate fiber yarn and blanket strip etc. The outer wrap is weaved by using glass fiber or refractory alloy silk accord-ing to temperature and condition used.
Fiber wringed rope:It is wringed by multilayer alumino-silicate fiber silk which ate strengthed by glass fiber and refractory alloy silk.
Fiber quit:It is bound up by glass silk fiber fabric using alumino-silicate disperse cotton as raw material. According to temperature and condition used, it can be used at the condition which can not be used by other alumino-silicate products.

Good heat resistance. The ceramic fiber fabric, which strength is increased by refractory alloy silk, can be used at 10000 continuously.
High quality of antacid, oil resistance and water vapor resistance.
Fine high-temperature strength
Fine tensile strength
Low heat conduction ratio
Good at heat insulation
High quality of electric insulation
Innocuity and harmless, not polluting environment

Heat insulation for high-temperature pipeline and container
Kiln screen and shade
Receive spark reel door
Seal of kiln and stove door
High-temperature safety
Fireproofing coil door
Making compound material
Safety of cable of fuel pipeline
Bag and cover for fireproofing
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