Sell Clove Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.

1, Physical: Soothe colic, improve digestion and eliminate flatulence. Efficiency for dysmenorrhosea.

2, Skin:Reduce inflammation, detumescence, make skin soft tender. Promote the growth of hair.


1, Digesting: 3 droplets+5ml base oil for massaging.

2, Beauty Face:Apply 2 droplets in water for anti-aging.

3, Respiratory:Apply 2droplets into water, deep breath.


Place 3-6 drops of Breathe-Easy, special mixture of pure essential oils, or an essential oil of your choice, in about one pint of boiling water.
Cover your head with a towel and breath in the steam for a few minutes. Repeat 2-4 times daily.
This process of taking the essential oil directly into your nose, throat and chest has strong antibacterial, antiviral and soothing effects.