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Product Name: Cnidium Fruit P. E.
Plant Part Used: Fruit
Effective Ingredient: Osthole
Specification: 10%, 35%, 90%
Analysis: HPLC

It is annual herb, height 30-80cm. The leaf is alternate, compound umbel inflorescence. Cremocarp, ellipsoidal, 2-4 mm long, about 2 mm in diameter. Externally greyish-yellow or greyish-brown; with 2 outcurved stylopods at the summit, and sometimes with a fine fruit stalk at the base. Dorsal surface of mericarps with five thin and longitudinal ridges, commissural surface flattened, with two brown and slightly raised longitudinal ribs. Pericarp lax and fragile, easily rubbed off, seed small, greyish-brown and oily. Odour, aromatic; taste, pungent, cool and numb.

Traditional Usage:
Cnidium seed has been very commonly used in formulations designed to warm the Kidneys and strengthen Yang energy. It is primarily used for the purpose of overcoming sexual malaise and strengthening sexual potency. The classics repeatedly mention it as an aphrodisiac.

Off-white fine powder with characteristic odor
Identification: Passes all criteria tests

Product Activities:
1. Increase sperm secretion, stimulate sexual desire and has aphrodisiac action.
2. Dry dampness and kills worms.
3. Expel cold and expel the wind.
4. Warm the kidney to strengthen yin.
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