Sell Cnidium Monnier Extract (Osthole)

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Product Name: Cnidium Monnier Extract (Common Cnidium Extract)
Active Ingredient: Osthole
Natural Source: Cnidium monnieri (L. ) Cuss.
Part Used: Fruit
Appearance: white powder
Molecular Formula: C15H16O3
Molecular Weight: 244.29
CAS Number: 484-12-8
Assay: 98% HPLC

Osthole also named Osthola, Osthol, Osthol, Osthenol, Ost, Cnidiadin, Osthol, and it is a type of coumarin. Osthole is found in cnidium monnieri and several other plants. Osthol could increase androgen, gonadotropin and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity.

1. Osthole warms the kidney and improves sexual function.
2. Osthole destroys parasite and relieves itching. Osthole can be used to treat trichomonas vaginitis, eczema of scrotum, rubella, scabies, tinea, cutaneous pruritus, etc.
3. Osthole relaxes trachea
4. Osthole and xanthotoxin showed anti- inflammatory activity:
5. Osthole has anti-allergic effect, inhibits contact dermatitis induced by 2,4- dinitro- fluorobenzene or picryl chloride.