Sell Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

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Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Product Features

Semi flying route transmit, low light enervation, stable output, low failure. Top and bottom exhaust, co-axis blower, complete collocation, suitable for acrylic, wood and different kinds of processing

technique. Large-size working area, largely application, high ration between quality and price.

Technical Parameter

Laser type
Hermaetic and detached CO2 laser tube

Laser power

Cutting area

Cutting speed
Strip working table

Cutting speed

Galvanometer engraving speed

Repeating location

Moving system
Offline Japan servo control system, synchro belt moving

Cooling system
Constant temperature water chiller for laser machine

Laser power adjustment
Constant temperature water chiller

Power supply
AC220V15% / 50HZ

Format support

Standard collocation
Following top & bottom exhausted system, constant temperature water chiller, medium pressing exhaust device,3000w exhaust fans, mini air compressor

Select collocation
Laser process accessory box, CCD Camera positioning system, auto following focusing system, automatic control high pressure blower valve
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