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Coal Slime Dryer is specially designed for coal slime (slurry) , liqnite (wood coal) , raw coal, float coal drying.
Proceesing principle:
The moisture coal slime shall be processed in four work areas after entering into the dryer because of its viscosity:
1. Material guiding area: Here the water of the moisture coal slime shall evaporate immediately on the contact with the high temperature hot air, and then the materials shall be guided into the next area with being flipped by the lifting plate of the large guide angle without adhering with each other.
2. Cleaning area: Here the moisture coal slime shall form the curtain of material when flipped by the lifting plate and then adhere to the wall of the revolving cylinder when dispersing. The cleaning device installed here not only effectively clean the materials adhered to the wall, but also crushes the caked materials, thus improving the drying rate through enlarging the heat exchange area.
3. Inclined winnowing plate area: Here the moisture coal slime is in the loose situation with low moisture. The materials in the area have no adhesion situation and then reach the requirements for the moisture content after the heat exchange and finally enter into the material discharging area.
4. Material discharging area: No lifting plate is provided to the cylinder here, and the materials slide as rolling towards the outlet. Then the whole drying process is finished.

Powerful overloal resistance, high productive capacity, little heat consumption, low production cost.
Flow drying mathod, high temperature and evaporation, good heat utilization.
Can change the processing parameter based on the raw material character.
Innovated feeding and tripper machine, no block-up and refeeding.
Innovated inside structure, have the material breaking-up, inner-wall cleaning and heat exchanging ability.
The final moisure content can be drying to 10%, and the granularity is about 8mm.
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