Sell Coaler-A13 road surface crack embedding machine

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Coaler-A13 road surface crack embedding machine mainly used for the sealing and replacing in cement road surface flex crack and working crack. It takes a integration of melted materials, heat preservation, boosting, output function reasonable. The design flexible and small, meeting the requirement of cement road surface embedding totally.
(II) Technical parameter
2. Crack filling depth:0-150mm
3. Crack filling width:3-30mm
4. Crack filling speed:020m/min
5. Feeding system: Automatically temperature control
6. Continuum heating of crack filling material:40~60mins
7. Voltage:220-380110% v 50~60 hz
8. Temperature setting:0~3990, normally 120~1500.
9. Flux of embedding mouth: Adjusting by flux regulating valve, the speed cooperated with the flux.
10. Moving way: hand operation
11. Whole power of the heating board:6.8kw
12. Whole power of the feeding pipeline:0.2KW
13. Cubage:105L