Sell Coaler-A18 pavement router

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Simple explain: This is a small size-maintaining machine,
which is developed for asphalt road surface cracking, the irregular cracks
Because of the special design and
reasonable choice for the structural cutlery material, it may also be
used for more loosened cement road cracks maintaining operations.

Main technical parameter:
Engine: Original Japanese Honda G X 270-type patrol engine
blades diameter:150mm(it is: the highest depth for crack opening
is30mm, it could be adjustable for 10mm,20mm, and 30mm three gears)
blades width:6.5mm(the crack opening width is about10-20mm)
engine powder:9-horse powder
External dimensions: lengthWwidthWheight=780mmW500mmW930mm
External dimensions: 780W500W930mm