Sell Coaler-A20 pavement router

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Engine: Uses the American import horizontal axis double Cylinder gasoline engine, power is 25 (18KW) This machine compared with overseas similar machine
the disposition has the KOHLER company newest patent technology double purifier, increase air purity degree, prevents engine inspiration dust, reduces engine attrition, lengthens the engine service life.
Storage battery:
Uses Dell Forgo high-quality passenger vehicle special-purpose exempts maintains the storage battery, the life is longer; Work period may voluntarily charge, is free from worry, and is more durable.
Technical parameter:
Router saw pavement width: 8-50mm
Router saw pavement depth: 0-30mm
Engine power: 25 horsepower
The fuel tank capacity: 25L
External dimensions: 1800W740W1150mm
Entire machine weight: 215kg