Sell Coaler-A25 type Spray Injection Pitcher

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Coaler-A25 type Spray Injection Pitcher, the structure is compact, the modeling is artistic. This machine operation is simple, the migration is flexible, and the use is convenient. This uses the alone extra-heavy hot blast (heat up wind temperature reaches as high as above) the rapid elimination cement, asphalt road inflates, the crack cleaning after residual sundry goods and the humidity, then forms one clean, dry seam wall surface. This will let the packing material and the seam wall close cementation, achieves ideal seal effect, effectively solves seam which caused by wall dust and humidity, packing material with meets wall caking is not firm, crosses vehicle hour packing material is easily carried over phenomenon. This machine and tool is the road maintains essential one part.

 Exportation air temperature:14800C
 Exportation air running volume: 2.5m3/min
 Ignition way:Electronic lighter
 Honda engine: GW160/5.5
 The fuel:liquid gas
 Weight: 125kg
 External dimensions: 955W670W950 mm