Sell Coated Tarpaulin

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we have two series, PVC Laminated Tarpaulin and PVC Coated Tarpaulin . DER Tarpaulin can specify the color production according to the customer.
1) Good flexibility, excellent tensile strength and tear strength.
2) Waterproof and UV resistant, good weatherability.
3) Economical, easy to transport and sustain long time for good performance.
4) Colour range from red, yellow, blue, black, green, to white, other colours can be made by processing.
Product Specification/Models
Main Products: (Length:50m/roll) , Width(m) : 2.50~3.50
DG5231 Laminated Tarpaulin 200DX300D 18X12 , 440 g/sqm
DG3050Q Laminated Tarpaulin 300DX500D 18X12 , 440 g/sqm
DG5550 Laminated Tarpaulin 500DX500D 18X12 420 g/sqm
DG5510 Laminated Tarpaulin 500DX1000D 18X12 650 g/sqm
DG1010 Laminated Tarpaulin 1000*1000D, 20*20 650g/sqm
DG5553 Coated Tarpaulin 500DX500D 28X28 480 g/sqm
DG5554 Coated Tarpaulin 500DX500D 20X20 480 g/sqm
DG1110 Coated Tarpaulin 1000DX1000D 18X16 510 g/sqm
DG1111 Coated Tarpaulin 1000DX1000D 20X20 610 g/sqm
DG1010 Coated Tarpaulin 1000DX1000D 20X20 650 g/sqm