Sell Coated Vitamin C

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General Situation: This product regards Vitamin C as main raw materials, made up with Ethylcellulose such auxiliary materials etc. in certain proportion.
Property: White or off-white grain powder
Content: 90%, 93%, 95%, 97%, 99%
Products Introduce: These medicines are in a layer of medical high polymer membrane clothing of surface parcel of Vitamin C crystal. The membrane clothing materials have water-solubility high polymer and fat-solubility high polymer. It can be seen most Vitamin C crystal to be packed under high power microscope. Because of protective action of coating, antioxidant ability of products among air is stronger than that of without coating, and difficult to suck damply.
Packing: 25kg barrel pack or 20kg cardboard box pack, and also can produce the packing of special specification
Product Specification: Enterprise standard
Use: Used for the drugs, food and feed additives extensively
Store: Hide the light, airtight, keep in the dry place.