Sell Coating Class PPS Resin (PPS-ha)

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Our PPS is linear structure, not cross linked.
It is crystalline power.
Its color is light white before thermal processing, and coffee color after thermal processing.
PPS-ha is one of Polyphenylene Sulfide resin that our company produces. It has excellent properties including heat resistance, non-toxic, flame resistance, radiation resistance, and chemical organic solvent resistance , electric insulation, high metal linked strength and etc. After being added with fluorin plastic, it even has the properties of non-sticky, wear resistance. For it has excellent metal linked strength, it no need the priming when processing.
Owing to its outstanding property, it is wildly used in mechanism, chemical industrial, spins, paper industry, electrical and electronic appliance. Such as the inside and outside coating of the various guide rail, the vessel, the metal mold, the food pot, the response kettle, the storage tank and slot, the pipeline, and the electronic device.