Sell Coating Thickness Meter  CM8820--wonderful!

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Can measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating layers on magnetic substrate, such as: (aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, rubber, plaint) on magnetic substrate(steel, iron, alloy and magnetic stainless steel) , And can measure the thickness of nonconductive coating layers covered on nonferrous substrate, such as:(ename1, rubber, paint, vanish, plastic anodic-oxide layer) covered on nonferrous substrate(aluminum, brass, nonmagnetic stainless steel)
CM-8820, CM-8821, CM-8822, CM-8823, CM-8825FN, CM-8825F, CM-8825N, CM-8826FN, CM-8826F, CM-8826N, CM-8829, CM-8829S.
1, It meets the standard of ISO2178, DIN, ASTM and BS. Suitable for the laboratory and for use in harsh field conditions.
2, The F probes measure the thickness of nonmagnetic materials(e. g. paint, plastic, porcelain enamel, copper, zinc, aluminum, chrome etc. ) on magnetic materials(e. g. iron, nickel etc) . often used to measure the thickness of galvanizing layer, lacquer layer, porcelain enamel layer, phosphide layer, copper tile, aluminum tile, some alloy tile, paper etc.
3, Automatic substrate recognition.
4, Manual or automatic shut down.
5, Two measurement mode: Single and Continuous.
6, Wide measuring range and high resolution.
7, Metric/Imperial conversion.
8, Digital display gives exact reading with no guessing or errors.
9, Can communicate with PC computer for statistic and printing by the optional cable and the software for RS232C interface.
Product synopsis
Coating Thickness Meter CM8820
Operating principle: magnetic induction (F)
Measuring range:0-2000um
Resolution; 0.1/1
Accuracy: 15%n or 15um
Min. measuring area: 6mm
Min. sample thickness: 0.3mm
Metric/ imperial: convertible
Battery indicator: low battery indicator
Power supply: 4x1.5V AA (UM-3) battery
Auto power off
Operating conditions:0-+450(32℉ -104℉ ) , <=90%RH
Dimensions: 160x68x32mm
weight: 210g(not including battery)
Optional accessories: other range 0-200um to 15000um