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We are a professional supplier and exporter for Coaxial cable, Networking, Telecommunication, CATV Parts and Accessories products. Our main products are RG59 RG6 RG7 RG11. We provide only the best quality products, with fast and on time delivery at competitive prices.
RG59: 0.81mm CCS+ 3.66mmFoam PE+AL foil+AL wire braiding+6.10mmPVC
RG6:1.02mm CCS+ 4.57mmFoam PE+AL foil+AL wire braiding+6.90mmPVC
RG7:1.29mm CCS+ 5.72mmFoam PE+AL foil+AL wire braiding+8.10mmPVC
RG11:1.63mm CCS+ 7.11Foam PE+AL foil+AL wire braiding+10.16mmPVC
Available Colors
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