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The uniqueness of CocoChips is it tastes natural, simply because it is naturally produced with all its natural goodness intact

Perfectly toasted, it is an irresistible crunchy nutritional healthier snack for coconut or snack lovers. CocoChips comes in Original Recipe or Extra Spiced

The main difficulty in producing a natural coconut snack lies in preserving the essential elements and yet at the same time being able to prolong the life span of the product

Coconut oil that is very much needed for its nutritional value and also for its taste is the main cause for this difficulty. It deteriorates quickly

Research and Development
Having spent more than 3 years in R & D, we have finally developed a method that solves this problem. The secret lies not in one particular factor but a whole series of process. From the selection of coconuts to an arduous step by step production control, the final result is Deli-Coco's CocoChips

A whole world of Possibilities
With this break through it is now possible to incorporate CocoChips into other products. A new delight is chocolate-coated CocoChips. The taste is so unique it is creating great sensation by storm

CocoChips has opened a whole world of possibilities as an added compliment for products such as cookies, candies, ice cream and other confectionery or bakery items