Sell Coconut de Ethanol Amid (CMEA)

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Cocofatty acid monoethanol amide (CMEA)
Molecular Formula: RCONHCH2CH2OH R: Coconut oil
Performance and application:
CMEA is an alkanolamide of nonionic surfactant. It is hard to dissolve in water, but it will become clear liquid when compounded with soap, and other surfactants. Added in solid, powder and liquid detergent, it has excellent performances of foam-stabilizing, thickening, wetting, resistance to hard water, and biodegradating. In soap, it will enhance the fragrance, increase lustre and preventing rot. Obviously thickening effect will show in liquid washing product. Adding 1% into the prescription, the viscosity will reach even exceed the viscosity of 2-3% 6501 additive. And the dosage of inorganic salt will be saved. The product is especially suitable in amine salt and sulfo succinic acid salt systems. It is widely used in solid soap and soap powder, washing powder, liquid detergent, emulsification stabilizer, and emulsifying shampoo. The recommended dosage for liquid and emulsification confection is 0.5-2%.
Technical data:
Item Index
Appearance White to straw flake solid
Water and volatile, % 3.0 Max.
Amine value, mgKOH/g 20 Max.
pH value (10g/L, 10% ethanol solution) 7.0~10.5
Color, Hazen (10%ethanol solution) <= 50 Ma

Packaging: 20kg (n. w. ) per sack, packed in three in one paper-plastic sack.
Storage: Store this product in dry and cool place, kept away from sunshine and rain.