Sell Cod Fillet

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Pacific/Atlantic Cod fillet, skin-on/skinless, bone-on/boneless, PBI/PBO, size: 6-8,8-12,12-16,16-32oz/pc, Packing in 5kg or 10kg bulk package.

Pacific/Atlantic Cod lions or portion, 80-120, 120-160g/PCS, Packing in 5kg or 10kg bulk package.

Frozen salted Atlantic and Pacific cod fillets, skinon, bonless, PBI, salt content: 1.8-2.2%, 20% glazing, Size: 300-500,500-1000, 1000g up, Packing in 11kg bulk pcakge.

Pacific Cod block, (raw material from China sea) , 16.5lbs x 4/carton, 8-10% moisture content.