Sell Coefficient of Friction Tester

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The tester is designed according to the standard TAPPI  T 549 / ASTM D1894 and ISO8295.
It is mainly applying in testing the static and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet. .
It is controlled by micro-computer, LCD displays data, results and curves.
Test the kinetic and static coefficients of friction at the same time.
Standard communication port RS232.
Supported by professional software; print single or group results; reports and curves automatically.

Technical parameters:

1. Sliders: 200g ,500g
2. Dimension of working plate: 200W470 (mm)
3. Testing accuracy: <=12%
4. Speed of slider: 100 mm/min110mm/min
5. Range: 0-5N
6. Power: 220V, 50HZ
7. Dimension of shape: 480W320W300 (mm)
8. Weight: 35kg

Standard: Mainframe, micro-printer, sleds: 200g, 500g
Optional: Software, connection cable, other sleds.