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From all the world range - A beautifully made collection of original and characteristically Chinese porcelain items
For timeless style and virtually endless functionality, our filter focuses on products which have styled and characterised the home for over two decades
Use the Coffee Filter Cone with any size of cup or mug to make the perfect fresh coffee
Use standard size coffee filter papers available easily at any supermarket. We have found that the Melita size 2 and 4 paper filters (or as it says on the filter packs "1 x 2" or "1 x 4") fit well. . . . many other manufacturers and supermarket own items make the same size filters too
Simply add ground coffee and hot water
Great for home or office
High quality white glazed porcelain
Dishwasher safe
Size: 8cm (3 inches) tall approx
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FOB Ningbo or Shanghai