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We supply 100% Arabica Coffee from Colombia.
Our coffee is roasted and green.

ROASTICA: 100% Washed Arabica Coffee; Zero defects;
One of our most exclusive brands, Cafi Devotion is a blend of various exotic and special coffees from
different parts of Colombia. By blending the best beans in the world, we have created a coffee experience
like no other. An explosion of flavors that gives you a perfectly balanced cup with out any bitterness. Truly, a
perfect cup of coffee.
Blends Available:
Deli-Style Medium Roast
Deli-Style Dark Roast

CAFI VENETO: 100% Washed Arabica Coffee.
Cafi Veneto praises the Italian coffee culture with a twist. A blend of 100% Arabica Colombian Coffee
beans. This blend follows all Italian traditions but leaves behind the Robusta mixture. The end result is a full
body coffee that leaves all bitterness behind.
100% Washed Arabica Coffee.

Blends & Pricing Available:
Colombian Select Espresso (Supremo 17-18)
100% Colombian Select Decaf

HACIENDA BOMBONA  NARIQO STATE COFFEE (Single Farm Origen) : This coffee is produced at the
Hacienda Bombona, the biggest coffee farm from the Colombian department of Nariqo and one of the oldest
farms from Colombia.
-Grown under controlled natural shade
-Manually selected beans
-Washed Arabica coffee
-Produced through sustainable production processes
Travel through history and experience quality while enjoying a cup of the best Colombian coffee: The
Hacienda Bombona Nariqo Gourmet Coffee.
Aroma: Notes of fresh fruits, jasmine, honey and roasted almonds.
Acidity: Vivid (medium-high) .
Body: Creamy (medium-high) .
Global Impression: Sweet and fresh fruits taste, with perfect balance between acidity and sweetness