Sell Cohesive Elastic Bandage

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A Hand Tear, cohesive elastic bandage, it sticks to itself only. Length and width can be made according to your requirement, available in multiple colors to meet your application needs.
Guardian is proud of being the first one who starts developing and succeeds in developing Hand Tear nonwoven cohesive elastic bandages and Latex free cohesive elastic bandages in the world.

1. Adheres to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin; no pins or clips needed;
2. Wrap will not slip so no need for frequent readjustment;
3. Light weight, porous, allow skin to breath and comfortable to users
4. Provide controlled compression;
5. Water resistant, will not loose by sweat or water;
6. Length and Width can be made as per request.

we can provide bandages with good price and best quality.