Sell Coin & IC card payphone

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TT-885T/886T series is outdoor Coin and Card payphone to offer public telephony function. In order to service remote district or somewhere without telephone infrastructure, TT-886T built-in GSM 900MHz/1800MHz dual band module or CDMA moudle for option and be able to promptly offer payphone service during area with GMS or CDMA network.
@Coin/IC card combined payphone
@Optional built-in GSM 900MHz/1800MHz dual-band module or CDMA module to support GSM / CDMA network.
@Accommodates maximum five SAMs for card authentication.
@Line power by the central office regardless of polarity.
@Usable Coins:
Diameter: 18mm to 32mm
Thickness: 1.2mm to 3.0mm
@Coin Slot:
Storage capacity: seven coins
Single slot for multi-coin, maximum seven coins to be inserted at one time.
@Distinguishes eight kinds of coins at maximum.
@Provides full management facilities for maintenance report, call accounting management, call detail reporting and downloading of software or coin parameter data from a centrally located Payphone Management System (PMS) .
@Dimensions: 230 x 255 x 580mm
@Weight: 23.5kg