Sell Coin Control Box For Washing Machine(computer, machine)

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1. Coin Control Box For Washing Machine
WEIFU-cashbox works excellent with all the following devices. This coin acceptor is suitable as paying system for amusement machines, vending machine, self-service copying automates, washing machines, photo automates, as sun bed coin box, etc. . The coinchecker can be also programmed to accept tokens and other currencies, not only Euro.

For almost all coins available and individually programmable Supply voltage 230V/AC or 24V o. 12V/DC 6 or 12 coins at the same time programmable Coinchecker with outstanding coin acceptance Reliable recognition of the programmed coins solid metal front plate 4-digits LED- Run time display Switch interface for:7 230V / 8A power output respectively potential free contact.
2. Coin Control Box For PC (Computer)
WEIFU Coin Operated Controller can turn any PC into Coin Operated computer. There are four PS/2 type keyboard & mouse connectors on its back - 2 in and 2 out. Plug in the PC's keyboard and mouse ports and connect the keyboard & mouse to the machine and it will become coin operated. When a coin is inserted, it enables the keyboard & mouse to function. When the time is up, it will disable their function.

Setting up is simple:

1) place a sample coin (any currency coin) into the sample coin compartment in the machine;

2) Connect the power cord to a power source (AC 110V/220V) ;

3) Adjust the time per coin setting by pressing on two buttons (one is increase by 1 minute, the other is decrease by 1 minute) ;

4) Connect the PS/2 connectors to a PC and a set of keyboard and mouse (you can secure them by a lock) . Done.

3. Coin Control Box For Medecine
1. Cabinet size (mm) :550 mm x 300 mm x 120 mm
2. G. W. :11.5kgs
3. Power:6v battery,
4. Coin-selector: Could be customized for your coins (any coins with diameter 30mm * thickness 3mm) . With energy-saving system
5. Selection:1 selection.
6. Dispensing mechanism: A combination of maximum 3 different coins value for single transaction.
7. Condom package size:71mm x 47mm x16mm or customized
8. Capacity:25 packs
9. Wall mounted.