Sell Coin Sorter and Counter Machine

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CS800 operating is easier, safe, can count and sort the mixed coins with high speed and accurate rate, reduce labor intensity, and enhance the work efficiency. Heavy duty, can be used to sort USA, Europe, Korea, Vietnam denomination coins.
a) This heavy duty coin counter can be used to sort and count coins from the USA, Europe, Korea and Vietnam
b) Multi-parameters setting: the user can make English self-setting
c) Micro-computer printing: rapidly and accurately prints the results and the self-setting information
d) Intelligent memory: memorizes the sorting sum or clearing the memory
e) Summarizing and numerating: numerates coins automatically, and display the total sum of all the denominations as well as the each sum of denomination by adopting optical and electrical techniques
f) Coin fullness warning: gives a flash display symbol on the right lower side of the large screen waiting to be emptied out when the sorted coins are full in the storage drawer
g) Failure alarming: automatically stops with the screen displaying the failure point when the coin hopper or the machine interior is blocked by the coin
h) Advantages: high quality, compact, stylish, high-speed, accurate and reliable
Main parameters:
a) Ambient temperature: 0 - 400C
b) Ambient humidity: 40 - 90%
c) Coin diameter: 18 - 25mm
d) Coin thickness: 1.3 - 2.5mm
f) Hopper capacity: >2,000pcs mixed coins
g) Sorting speed: >800pcs/minute
h) Numerating range: 4 digits / denomination
i) Power supply: AC220V110%, 50Hz
j) Running power: <120W
k) Waiting power: <4W
l) Unit dimensions (L x W x H) : 370 x 385 x 380mm
Outer packing:
Carton dimensions (L x W x H) : 470 x 455 x 450mm
N. W. : 25kg