Sell Coinbox Payphone 41T

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VISIONTEK 41 T latest generation pay phones, blends aesthetics with solid state of art technology. A Quality product developed entirely by Link well's in-house R&D. An exclusive feature of this product is that it only requires line power to keep working at peak efficiency without an external power source.

It can be tuned to validate coins with a certain denomination probability. This system can support technology interfaces like PSTN, VOIP, GSM, CDMA and is IN Compatible.

The User Interface allows the customer to configure Call duration, Manual/Auto line reversal metering pulse option, emergency toll free numbers, display of number of coins collected in the box as well as cumulative coin count till 9999. Owner Mode will enable the owner of this payphone to make his personal calls without inserting the coin.

Application Areas

Call shops / Tele-boutiques
Rural Payphone application
VoIP Call Billing
Telecom Operators
Air time resellers
Community Centers
Commercial Places
Phone Shops


Programmable pre-paid amount and call duration
All India database is embedded in the software
Line reversal detection
Manual / Auto reversal option for coin collection
Beep tone indication of last 10 seconds for call extension
Facility to monitor number of coins collected in cash box
Cumulative coin count up to 9999
Automatic return of unused coins
Free call facility for emergency services
Provision for Toll-free code entry
Redial facility thru # key
Separate coin option for Local / STD / ISD calls*Specifications