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Dear Sirs,
We make Coir pots to grow plants with coconut Fibre added with Natural latex.
 100% Natural, Biodegradable, & Environment Friendly
 Plant roots grow through the pots producing a vigorous healthy root structure
 Pots retain nutrient & water & Facilitate better soil aeration.
 No need to Transplant, by planting the pots directly into the ground there is no damage to roots, and the plant suffers no growth setback.
 Coir pots planted in the ground quickly decompose to provide the plant with additional nutrient.
 Moulded Coir Plant Pots are available in all sizes from 200ml to 3 litre.
 Large reinforced square Or rectangular planters are available in 5 ltr to 25 ltr. Sizes
 Colour coded pots and planters are also available if required.

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