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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

Product Description
Fabric specs: EP80 ~ EP630 NN-80 ~ NN-630 CC-56 T. C-56
Width(mm) : 300~2600
1. Product characteristics
The product selects cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas as carcass, Cover rubber selects a blend of NR and BR, which has the properities of high elasticity, shock resistance, cold resistance etc. It can work normally under the conditions of -40: C.
2. Usage
Suitable for conveying materials outdoors in freezing area, cols storage etc.
3. Technical indexes
(1) Cold resistant conveyor belt can be divided into three types according to the properties o cover: Laceration resistant type(H) , Anti-abrasive type(D) , and ordinary type(L) .
(2) According to the different cols resistance, it can be divided into two types of C1 and C2, C1-Working temperature: -45-+50: C; C2-Working temperature: -60-+50: C.