Sell Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Wire Line

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Model : ZJ-12A
Input Wire: #6.5-#13.5mm
Output wire : #5-#12mm
Speed: 2.1m/s
Roll weight: 1300kg
Power: 100kw 380V 50Hz
Place taken: 3.5mW25m
Cutting : Length: <=12m
Weight : Approx. 10T

This Line is composed of Wire Release part, Descaler, Lubricate machine, 2 unit Y Rolling Mill, LW800 Drawbench, Stress Remove machine, 工 Wire-rewinding machine, water box, Control system.
1, Decoil (Wire Release part)
2, Descaler: it is composed of 3 pulleys. Drawbench (Wire drawing machine) pulls the wire via the 3 pulleys to remove the rust spot.
3, Lubricate machine: Pinch Wheel drives Impeller, put lubrication which is dry powdery on the steel bars.
4, Rolling Mill: it is composed of two sets of Roller, which contains 3 pieces of rollers (its diameter is 150mm, angle of 120 each to each) . each Rolling Mill finishes deforming or reducing bars diameters twice. Or finishes deforming and reducing diameters. Two sets of Roller are firmed separately on the right and left of Rolling Mill body, like Y.
5, Drawbench: adopting the machine which is used to draw low carbon wire. Type LW800.
6, Stress Remove machine: it contains two sets of Idler Pulley. Each set is composed of 5 idler pulleys. Finished good is bended properly when via idler pulleys, stress will be removed, Elongation will be increased as well.
7, Wire-rewinding machine: this machine has a wire rewinding wheel, its shape like 工 . 工 wheel winds wires, the weight of finished wire roll is 800-1300kg, this part can be produced to meet customers requirement.