Sell Collagen Implants-Dressings

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100% native collagen bovine origin, lyophilised and sterile, haemostatic, absorbable, tissue regenerator, filler of cavities, wound healing, ulcers, burns. Different sizes available: 1x1x1cm, 4x6cm, 5x5cm, 10x3cm, 7x20 cm. 0318 CE Mark

Because of it's natural intertwined structure it easy and quick adapts to tissue, forming the skeleton where the new granulation tissue will be developed.

Because of it's uneven texture it is perfectly adhered without sutures and it's very resitant even moisted. Excellent breaking strenght and lot of consistence when applied in different kind of fixations. In some areas sutures are needed to secure it's fixation.

Totally absobable.

The collagen dressing can be used at any time. It is presented in sterile and individual blisters and do not requires previous preparation. It is directly applied, cut and shaped to required structure.