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100% Native Collagen membranes with bovine origin. Wound healing, tissue regenerator, haemostatic, filler of cavities

After a special process of manufacture that finishes with the lyophilisation and sterilization, a natural membrane is obtained.
This is why we obtain a very high purity degree and also a great efficiency.
Thanks to this efficiency, an acceleration from tissue regeneration process and healing is produced, and also period of hospitalization and costs that they involve.
Collagen membrane is formed by interlaced tissue (of great breaking strenght, very consistant, even moistened) , and with irregular and porous form, which allows to adapt the membrane in an easy and quick way to the wound bed, forming the skeleton where the new granulation tissue will be developed. A perfect adhesion is guaranteed, without sutures, in difficult healing areas.
The texture and porosity obtained, allow the application and the pass of any antibiotic and/or antiseptic from infected wounds healing.
Easy to apply, it can be cut in a simple way and shaped moistened in fisiological serum.
It is totally absorbable. It does it in a slow way, assuring a total healing.
When it is applied in the wound bed, it begins regeneration process from inside to outside until total healing avoiding false closures and second surgeries. In case of remaining completely absorbed it is possible to refill the wound with more membranes.
It has a great hemostatic power. It can absorb between 300 and 800 its weight in water. There is no adherence between the collagen and the clot facilitating the posterior clean.
It is specially indicated in difficult healing cases, as diabetic and haemophilic patients and in difficult healing areas or poor vascularised.
Applicable in most of the medical areas as: tissue regenerant (all kinds of ulcers, burns, reconstructions) ; hemostatic (dental extractions, surgeries, first aids) ; filler of cavities (deep skin defects, parenchymas diverses, bone deffects, plastic and reparator surgeries with perfect post-operative scar finishes) ; protector (bloody areas, unpolished and unnoutrished visceral areas, sutured stumps, prosthesis) . Similar indications in veterinary.
As it is 100% native collagen, there are no intolerance risks, allergies or contraindications.
It is individually blistered so, sterilisation is kept until usage. Different sizes available:1x1x1cm, 4x6cm, 5x5cm, 10x3cm, 7x20 cm.