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Collision between objects is a universal phenomenon in nature. Single pendulum motion and horizontal throw motion are basic content in kinematics. Conservation of energy and conservation of momentum are important concepts in mechanics. This collision laboratory apparatus is aimed at study of collision occurring between two balls, single pendulum motion of the small ball before collision and horizontal throw motion of the bumped ball after, and with a view of solving the actual problem occurred during collision by means of mechanics laws acquired and find out energy loss before and after collision on the basis of difference value between theoretical arithmetic and experimental result, so as to heighten the students ability of analyzing and solving problems. The apparatus has advantages as followings:
1. Can eliminate the parallax for that its base plate has a guide rail of high strength aluminum alloy, on which the scale is in same plane with that on slider.
2. Can reduce the work to be done by the bumped ball for overcoming the drag friction after being collided due to a small section of the ball-carriage and a conic fat head on its upper end, with weak magnetism, on which the bumped ball can stay at stably with mass center coinciding with the central position site of magnetic feld. , the will be reduced.
3. Good repeatability of collision experiment for that the hitch point of pendulum ball and the mass center of the pendulum ball after being attracted by electromagnet and that of the bumped ball are in same plane. This apparatus is suitable for fundamental physics experiment in college and technical secondary school, and also for lecture experiment to be carried out in classroom.