Sell Colombian Emerald for sale by Owner

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This Seller is co-owner of 2-3 mines and will travel to USA or elsewhere to settle sale with serious Buyer.

Specifications as we have from gemologist certificate on file:

Gem: Natural Emerald
Family: Beryl
Origin: Colombia
Cut: Rectangular
Weight: 66.011 Cts.
Measurements: 28.42 by 23.62 by 13.69mm

Color/Hue: Slightly Bluish Green
Tone: 8
Saturation: 6
Clarity: VSI1
Description: Very Slightly Included 1. Esmeralds are type III always inclusion present.
% of light return: 30%
% of brilliance: 80%
% deep: 58%
Magnification: Three Phase
Enhancement: Fracture filling present

Gemological certificate signed by GIA graduate.

Asking price: $25,000 per Ct. weight ($1,650,275.00) ; negotiable.