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Advanced Imaging Technology :
Powerful Multi-beam Parallel Imaging (MBP) increases temporal resolution and real-time frame rate, while collecting useful information to re-build high quality images.
Fine Tissue Optimization (FTO) eliminates noise, improves signal-to-noise ratio and emphasizes boundary imaging.
Extended Phase Harmonic (EPH) results in enhanced harmonic signal and restrained original wave, increasing resolution and accuracy in identifying subtle pathological changes.
Transmitting Spectrum Focusing (TSF) greatly decreases side lobe while improving spatial and temporal resolution.
Innovative Transmitting Apodization (ITA) minimizes artifact through specific apodized transmission, reducing near-field clutter and enhancing precise sound beam for more predictable results.
Accurate Vessel Imaging (AVI) automatically distinguishes subtle tissue Doppler signal from blood cell to form high resolution images.
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